Area Meeting Papers

Information from the Central England Quakers office on how papers for Area Business Meeting (referred to below simply as ‘Area Meetings’) are gathered and distributed:

Papers for Area Meetings are circulated in the following order:

  1. A Calling Letter for each Area Meeting plus “papers to circulate” are sent to every Correspondence Clerk.

    These are papers we have received in the office at the time of the Calling Letter.

    The Calling Letter is sent out in time for the first Sunday in every month. From January 2020, an online copy of Papers to Circulate can be found in the table below.

  2. After the papers for Area Meeting have been finalised, the papers in the Area Meeting Booklet are sent out to each meeting for dissemination to interested Friends in individual meetings; or filing within any system each clerk or meeting operates.

    They are duplex printed in topic order, with four holes punched for ring files.

    A full copy of the Record Sheet is sent to Convenors of Overseers in each meeting so that membership directories can be updated.

  3. After Area Meeting, a copy of the minutes is sent to each Correspondence Clerk.

    They are duplexed with four holes punched left for ring binders.

    Copies of the minutes are also placed on the CEQ website in pdf format.

Archive Papers to Circulate

Papers to Circulate are listed in chronological order below. Months that have been struckthough indicate that there was no business meeting that month (or that there was an interim meeting with no papers in advance).

May (interim)MayMay