Race and Privilege in Europe

Session 4: Racism in Europe

14/04/2021, 10:30 am - 11:30 am


Bournville Meeting is hosting a monthly gathering on the second Wednesday of each month working its way through the book “Race and Privilege in Europe” published by Quaker Council for European Affairs.

The session will run from January to June, 2021 from 10.30 to 11.30, on zoom.  Details for this month appear below.

If you are interested please e-mail bournville@centralenglandquakers.org.uk asking us to send you the login details.

The meetings will begin with around 15 minutes of Quaker worship, and then a further 40 minutes on how racism is embedded in our society and what we can do to recognize it and change our ways.

There is also a book covering the whole series: Download details of all the sessions.


Race is a particularly difficult topic to talk about, especially briefly. This booklet has been written to help white people educate ourselves about racism.  Racism is part of how we have built society, part of how political, social and economic relationships are maintained.

The structures of racism can be difficult for white people to see. White people may also assume that racism is a problem for people of colour to address. Many of us who otherwise seek social justice do not realise how our lives reinforce racism, or what can be done to reduce it.

Reading this booklet might be an early step in seeing racism afresh, and better understanding the relationship between race and privilege. However uncomfortable, an understanding of racism is necessary for any who seek community, justice and equality.

“Non-violent living requires the unravelling of one’s relationship to privilege and oppression.”                                  — Shelly Tochluk

This month: Racism in Europe, pages 35-49
▪ Race and belonging in Europe today
▪ Exclusion policy today

I the metro driver,
was a Muslim like so many of the others
you never hear
you never see
But of whom there are oh-so many.
— Poem by Mohamed El Bachiri, whose wife was
killed in the Brussels bombing of March 2016

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