Quaker insights in the context of ecological crisis

New Creation: The Peaceable Kingdom

10/06/2020, 10:30 am - 11:30 am

at Bournville Quaker Meeting House, Bournville Birmingham

A study group held at Bournville Friends Meeting House on the second Wednesday morning of each month from 10.30 – 11.30 from October 2019 to June 2020. This month’s topic: New Creation: The Peaceable Kingdom

The meetings will begin with around 20 minutes of Quaker worship, and then a further 40 minutes exploring how the ecological insight for the day can help us in our daily lives.

Tea and coffee from 10.15 and again afterwards.

Based on a nine-part framework devised by Stuart Masters, Senior Programme Leader for on-site learning at Woodbrooke.

All the sessions can be downloaded here.

This month – New Creation: The Peaceable Kingdom

Friends, we are called into wholeness and into community, women and men alike, sharing the responsibilities God has given us, and assuming the leadership we are called to. We begin where we are, in our homes and meetings or churches, our work and communities, celebrating the realisation of the New Creation. (QF&P 23.40)

The vision of the peaceable kingdom has always inspired Friends. Bit by bit, this kingdom can become a reality on earth as we die to the domination that darkness and evil has over us. When the seeds of greed, hatred, cruelty, violence and destruction are rooted out of the human heart, the institutions and ideologies that sustain this darkness and evil begin to lose their power, and the wholeness, well-being and justice of Gospel Order(2) can take their place. We are not in control of this process, but we can play our part. Like physical exercise, we have to start somewhere and build up our stamina. Right relationship and Gospel Order are not static concepts. Instead, they represent dynamic, on-going processes.

Ecological Reflection

The vision of the peaceable kingdom is an ecological vision. Shalom or Gospel Order represents a state of harmony based on complex interdependence and right relationship. If all things are interconnected, then all actions based on compassion, healing and justice, however small, will have a positive impact. In the peaceable kingdom we take our place within this web of life; not above it, or in control of it, but as an essential part of it.


Are you able to keep the vision of the peaceable kingdom in mind, even though it seems so different from the way the world currently functions? Can you discern the seeds of the kingdom in your day-to-day life and interactions?

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