Quaker Concerns Study Group

Ethical Banking

13/06/2022, 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm


A study group held on Zoom by Bournville Local Meeting on the second Monday of each month from 19.30 – 20.30

These meetings for learning will be held between May and December 2022


Quaker Faith & Practice 13.02:

Throughout the history of the Religious Society of Friends we have recognised that to anyone may come, at any time, a special inward calling to carry out a particular service. It is characterised by a feeling of having been directly called by God and by an imperative to act.

Quaker Faith & Practice 13.07:

Concern’ is a word which has tended to become debased by excessively common usage among Friends, so that too often it is used to cover merely a strong desire. The true ‘concern’ [emerges as] a gift from God, a leading of his spirit which may not be denied. Its sanction is not that on investigation it proves to be the intelligent thing to do – though it usually is; it is that the individual … knows, as a matter of inward experience, that there is something that the Lord would have done, however obscure the way, however uncertain the means to human observation. Often proposals for action are made which have every appearance of good sense, but as the meeting waits before God it becomes clear that the proposition falls short of ‘concern’.  Roger Wilson, 1949

In each of these Monday evening sessions, we begin with a few minutes of silent worship, after which a different Friend on each occasion will be asked to talk with us for 10 – 15 minutes about how having been led to pursue a strong commitment to a particular cause, which may or may not have reached the status of a Concern, has impacted on their life and their development as a Quaker. The remaining time will be open to all of us to explore this further, partially to assist in any possible discernment we might seek to discover if led to respond to similar callings should they arise in our own lives.  Some of the Friends invited to share their experience with us come from within Central England Area Meeting, others from further afield.

All are welcome to attend

Some of you will be familiar with two previous series that we hosted on Wednesday mornings – “Quaker Insights in the Context of Ecological Crisis” and “Race and Privilege in Europe”.  The availability of our speakers and the desire to open these meetings to people in full-time work has prompted the shift to Monday evenings.

The first three meetings are scheduled for

  • 9th May Prison Chaplaincy (Howard Saunders – Central England AM)
  • 13th June Ethical Banking  (James Bradbury – Central England AM)
  • 11th July Quaker Asylum and Refugee Network (Sheila Mosley Leicester AM)

Three or four further sessions are being planned for the autumn.

If you would be interested to take part in this series of meetings, then please let us know at Bournville@centralenglandquakers.org.uk as soon as you feel ready, and at the latest by Friday May 6th (for the first meeting) and we will send you a Zoom invitation.

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Donald Stubbings (elder) and Robin Bowman (co-clerk) of Bournville Local Quaker Meeting.

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