Pacifists making guns: the Galtons of Birmingham and Briatin’s industrial revolution

13/06/2018, 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

at University of Birmingham, Muirhead Tower G15, Birmingham

A talk on Pacifists Making Guns: Samuel Galton and Birmingham’s Industrial Revolution held at the University of Birmingham, with Priya Satia, professor of British History at Stanford University.

This is not a Quaker event, but perhaps it might be of interest to Quakers.

“The biggest gun-making firm in 18th century Britain was owned by a Quaker family, the Galtons of Birmingham. They were major suppliers of guns to the slave trade in West Africa, the East India Company, settlers and trading companies in North America, and the British government, which was at war almost constantly from 1688 to 1815. But a core principle of the Quaker faith is belief in the un-Christian nature of war; Quakers do not participate in war or war training. From the seventeenth century, they were a persecuted minority because they refused to swear loyalty to the king or to arm themselves in the defence of his realm. So how do we explain the Galtons? -and other Quakers’ quiet tolerance of their business for nearly a century?”

The event is free, but you are asked to register.

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University of Birmingham, Muirhead Tower G15
Edgbaston Park Road Birmingham B15 2TT