No Interim Area Meeting in August 2018

16/08/2018, All Day


There will be no interim meeting this month.

No urgent business has arisen that cannot wait until our next full Area Business Meeting in September.

What is an Interim Area Meeting?

In 2018 we are experimenting with holding fewer Area Business Meetings.

This means that there will be no full Area Business Meeting in February, August or November.  On these three months, if any urgent business arises that cannot be held until the following month, a short interim meeting will be held to discern the business in question.

Potentially urgent business could include membership matters where it would be unfair to leave somebody waiting to hear about their application for membership, or time-sensitive matters with a deadline that falls before the next full meeting.  Any matters which can be reasonably carried forward to a future full meeting will be – this is not an opportunity to add last-munite items to the Area Meeting agenda.



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