CEQ Climate Emergency Action

New Economic thinking

24/03/2021, 7:30 pm


CEQ Climate Emergency Action (CEA) invite Members and Attenders of Central England to share climate action being taking, exchange ideas, support each other and share experience. Note the one-off change of day to Wednesday.

This time the focus is: New Economic thinking. Pete Doubtfire  (coordinator, CEQ Peace Hub) will lead a workshop to share thinking on the fundamental changes and new economic models needed to build back better in a way that supports people and planet. This will be an interactive session, so please bring a pen & paper.  We will be using this resource ‘The House that Hayek Built‘ from New Economy Organisers – you may wish to download it, and print slide 2 (though this is not essential).

These meetings are informal and held in the spirit of worship and fellowship.  A short introduction will be followed by discussion of the issues and the action we can take as Quakers and conclude by sharing our news.

All Friends welcome, please contact lowcarbon@centraleneglandquakers.org.uk for details of how to join the Zoom call.

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