Approaching the Bible

3. Strangers in the Midst

04/12/2021, 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm


A new series of Bible Study sessions led by Quaker Hillary Johnson.

This series will begin with an introduction to the thinking of Rene Girard, whose background was in anthropology, philosophy, psychology, literary criticism and theology.  Although criticised as a Jack of all trades, his writings on the root cause of violence in society have become widely accepted.  His examination of Scripture, identifying Jesus as the ultimate scapegoat, and his understanding of the resurrection help us to think about these Bible narratives in a new light.

Because there is a lot of material to cover, I will send preparatory reading and select topics for discussion from these listed below:

Session 3 Strangers in the Midst

  • Sodom & Gomorrah
  • The Levite’s Concubine
  • The Birth of Jesus: The Unwelcomed Child

The Zoom meetings will usually follow the pattern:

  • 15-20mins: Introduction
  • 15-20mins: Break out groups: Discussion
  • 5-10mins: Return to main room – brief comments
  • 15-20mins: Break out Groups: Discussion
  • 20mins: Return to main room – comments and conclusion

For details of the Zoom link, please contact Claire Bowman on

There are 3 fortnightly sessions in Autumn / Winter 2021, with a further series planned for Spring 2022.

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