Catch Up with the Swarthmore Lecture

Many Friends will have already seen this year’s Swarthmore Lecture, but for those who haven’t it is availble as a video.

The Swarthmore Lecture takes place each year during Britain Yearly Meeting, funded for and organised by Woodbrooke. The lecture has two key purposes: to interpret to Quakers their message and mission and to make the wider public aware of the spirit, the aims, and fundamental principles of Friends.

This year’s lecture was given by Helen Minnis of Glasgow Meeting. Helen spoke from her experience as a scientist and a Quaker, addressing issues of white privilege within the Quaker movement and scientific community. Woodbrooke and Helen see the lecture as part of the ongoing conversation within Britain Yearly Meeting, and Quakers worldwide, about becoming an anti-racist church and what that means.

Woodbrooke are running online follow-up sessions throughout June & July to explore the issues raised in the lecture.