Could you host a Climate Festival Activist?

Birmingham is hosting a Climate Justice Festival 18-20th February (see events). The festival will be taking place at various locations in Northfield, including the Quaker Meeting House. The organisers are looking for local people to host attendees:

“To allow people to travel from across the UK, we need to provide accommodation that is accessible. We have set up a homestay platform, which is like a community Airbnb. We really need people with spare rooms in Birmingham to help host people. We don’t expect huge numbers from outside the city, but to honour the justice part of the festival, we must provide this provision. It would be really wonderful if the communities of Birmingham can help us achieve this. 

If you are able to host someone over the weekend (18th and 19th Feb) please sign up to our homestay network here. It only takes 10mins to add your room in! We are hoping to get as many hosts as we can by this weekend – Sat 12th.

You don’t need to attend the festival in order to host (although you are very welcome to!).”

Please email Tess from Breathe if you have any questions –

If you’d like to help but don’t have accommodation to offer, the festival organisers are also looking for stewards to help out throughout the weekend.