Preparing for the Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth Games will be held in Birmingham, with events also taking place in Coventry, Sandwell, Warwick and Wolverhampton, from Thursday 28 July to Monday 8 August 2022. Birmingham Churches Together are preparing to use this opportunity, and Quaker Meetings are invited to join in.

Preparations for the Games have been underway for several years and have continued through the Covid-19 related disruptions of the last 18 months. Alongside the planning for accommodation, transport, venues and security, a group of midlands Christian leaders has been meeting regularly over the last two years to collaborate concerning Christian involvement in the international gathering.

The first of 6 newsletters is now available outlining plans from Birmingham Churches Together. It includes suggestions for ways in which churches (including Quaker Meetings) might like to use the Commonwealth Games as an opportunity for outreach and to highlight our social concerns.

Bham 2022 Games – CT news FEB 2022

The Commonwealth Games Churches’ Planning Group has six themes:

  • Young People and Apprenticeships;
  • Chaplaincy;
  • Wellbeing and health;
  • Racial inequality;
  • Combatting human trafficking;
  • Church engagement and legacy.

Read more on the Birmingham Churches Together website.

If your Quaker Meeting is planning anything connected to the Commonwealth Games, let us know: