Lots happening for Quaker Week 2018!

Quaker Week 2018 will run from Saturday 29 September to Sunday 7 October

In Central England, we already have details of these events happening as part of Quaker week:

If your meeting is planning something that hasn’t appeared here, please let us know: website@centralenglandquakers.org.uk

Friends House have announced:

This year’s theme for Quaker Week will be ‘Room for more’. Yearly Meeting Gathering 2017 encouraged us to “examine our own diversity” and in response the Quaker Week 2018 campaign has two key aims:

  • to help local meetings in their commitment to genuine welcome; and
  • to extend that welcome to enquirers from all backgrounds.

Sharing food is the central metaphor for the campaign, but it is also a useful practical approach. As Quakers we offer a table already rich with good things, but we recognise that it is incomplete. What’s missing from the table? How can we let people know that there’s a space for them? And that their presence and contribution enhances that space?

We want everyone to bring and share. There is room for more at the table, and we value everyone who might sit at it. Our gathering around that table enriches us all.